Controlled Designation of Origin : Sauternes.
This designation is among the smallest wine designations and its output is only 25 hl/ha.

Our ambition is to share our love of this magnificent wine and to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible to appreciate and consume this « nectar of the divine amphora».


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  Approximately 25 000 bottles (75 cl). The harvest, evidently manual, is carried out by continuous sortings and is extremely rigourous, (from 4 to 6 sortings on average) in function of the grape maturity and of the noble rot.
The grape bunches are harvested in a stainless steel bucket and pressed in a peumatic press. The wines are aged in underground vats.
  The commercialisation of wine is made under three labels :
For direct clients or exportation from Château Sahuc Lestour or Château Sahuc.
For Château Lauvignac exports.
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